Duoning Biology officially settled in Wuxi International Life Science Innovation Campus

Sep. 09, 2019

On Sept 7th, 2019, Wuxi International Life Science Innovation campus, the "new landmark" of Wuxi biomedical industry, officially opened!


As one of the first settled enterprises, Duoning participated in the opening ceremony of the day, signed a contract with the campus, and obtained the business license of Wuxi Duoning company from mayor  Qin Huang.


As asole subsidiary of Shanghai Duoning, Wuxi Duoning plans to construct in three phases. In the first phase, 50 million yuan will be invested in the construction of Duoning serum-free dry powder culture medium production line. After the construction and operation, the scale of annual production of million liters of dry powder culture medium can be achieved, so as to meet the production needs of customers within five years.

The completion of Wuxi International Life Science Innovation compus will promote international biomedical exchange, accelerate the incubation and practice of global innovation achievements in China, and provide a world-class platform for biomedical industry. 

With the help of this world-class platform, Duoning will promote the construction of domestic platform for biomedicine, help the development of China's biomedical industry, reduce the  cost of antibody drugs.

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